Liverpool / Manchester trip of the English advance course


Our days in Liverpool

Our Liverpool trip was very eventful. After a long wait at the airport and an adventurous bus ride, we checked into our hotel "sleep eat love". Because of its size and structure, it was puzzling like a labyrinth and we got lost in it often. But after we got used to it, we felt really comfortable in it and because of its central location we were able to go out on our own. Every morning we had the choice between different meals, but all of us tried the typical English breakfast in different variations at least once (vegan, vegetarian and traditional).

On the day of our arrival, after we checked in at 7 pm, we went on a city tour called "Shiverpool”. They told us creepy historic stories of Liverpool in a spooky and humorous way. After that, we split up and some of us got lost in the city. Some went to a K-pop Party and some decided to have a look into the local pubs. Others enjoyed themselves in the games room of our hotel. On day two in Liverpool the boys did an Anfield stadium tour, while the girls went shopping. While shopping we realized that even in the city center there are many football- related sights.


Anfield is a football stadium in Liverpool. What does Anfield mean? It is an area of Liverpool, the football stadium within that area, home of Liverpool football club. Firstly, we were handed multimedia audio sets to fully immerse ourselves and take the tour at our own pace. The Stadium Tour featured many iconic highlights.

Then we saw the dressing room of the team and took some pictures. After that, we walked down the players tunnel to the pitch and had the full Anfield experience with the amazing view from the players bench onto the pitch. We enjoyed epic views of the pitch and city landscape from the top level of the main stand. Furthermore, we took even more pictures in our favorite player’s seat and watched exclusive videos about each player.

Then we met in an interesting restaurant, decided to explore the city a bit more and admired the famous cathedral of Liverpool. On the next day, we visited two of the city’s museums. The Museum of Liverpool and the Walker Art Gallery. We also strolled along the reconstructed docks at the river Mersey. On the night of the same day, we went to the local Christmas market and right after into a hookah bar. Our last day consisted of an early breakfast, checkout and our departure to Manchester. One thing we took out of our days in Liverpool was, that the Liverpudlians are the friendliest people on earth and love to get bloody pissed.

Our day in Manchester

The day started with a late arrival of one of our cabs, our teacher had ordered for us. Everyone was tired from the exciting day before, but after everyone sat in the taxi on the way to the cathedral, we were wide awake. When we arrived at the cathedral some of us made pictures, others discussed religion, while others just walked around. Later on, Mr. Desmarattes decided to walk around and explore the amazing city. Subsequently, we visited the art gallery and took many pictures of the paintings. The tour made us very hungry, so we made our way to a Japanese restaurant and ate together and had a lot of fun.

A lot of us weren’t excited about the next stop, the Royal Exchange Theatre of Manchester, which our teacher had planned for us. Nevertheless, I can now admit in the name of everybody, that it was the best stage play we all have ever visited. The play we decided on was the theatre play/musical „Gypsy”. The Broadway classic was written by Jule Styne and Stephan Sondheim in 1959 and shows the ups and downs of the life of Momma Rose, Louise and June as they try to make a name with their act on the circuit. Momma Rose, the ultimate stage mother, is a force to be reckoned with as she pushes her daughters to achieve stardom and the ultimate goal of seeing their names in lights on Broadway. At the end of the day we had some free time, so everyone had the opportunity to decide whether they want to do something else or go back to the Milton Hotel and sleep. That is why a small group of us went to pick up a late-night snack at a diner called Archie´s. Others went to a table tennis bar and played a few games. On the next day we flew back to Berlin.


Iman, Randa, Asiel, Isra, Mohammed, Prince, Seyed, Hassan

Liverpool museum
Gruppenbild unterwegs
Royal Exchange Theatre
Gruppenbild beim Essen